[How to make rutabaga]_Recommended diet

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[How to make rutabaga]_Recommended diet

[How to make rutabaga]_Recommended diet

Rutabaga is called in different places. Some places are called mustard, and some places are called mustard.

Rutabaga has a high nutritional value, and it is also eaten a lot. Generally, it is marinated and made into pickles. According to experts, fresh Rutabaga substitutes fiber, which has high nutritional value and can promote digestion. Below we willLet’s find out how to make good food.

Popular rutabaga is more common. It is stir-fried with high heat. Because of the moisture content in the rutabaga, the time for frying must be short, and put some dried peppers to taste without flavor. Prepare rutabaga for about a pound, and then prepare an appropriate amount of sesame oil., Prepare vinegar, dried peppers, prepare garlic, peppercorns soy sauce.

First cut the dried peppers, slice the garlic, tear the kohlrabi into small pieces, then put an appropriate amount of oil in the pan, add the garlic and pepper, add the dried peppers and peppercorns, and fry the spicy flavor. Then,Immediately pour the kohlrabi, stir fry for a while, add the appropriate amount of salt, pour in the raw soy sauce and vinegar, continue frying for a few times, and finally pour in the sesame oil.

You can make rutabaga fried tomatoes. Although it is vegetarian, it has high nutritional value. Prepare two tomatoes, prepare 300g rutabaga, prepare appropriate amount of spring onion, prepare allspice, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce and salt, tear off the rutabaga leaves, and clean them., Cut into shreds, cut the tomatoes into pieces.

Add an appropriate amount of soybean oil to the pan, heat it up, add scallion and sauté, then add the kohlrabi and stir fry the tomatoes.

Then add soy sauce, add spiced powder, and finally add salt, continue to stir fry, and then turn off the heat and put a small amount of MSG to the pan.