Eating spicy food will cause more sensitive skin

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Eating spicy food will cause more sensitive skin


Eating spicy food will cause more sensitive skin

Eating hot peppers has become a must-have for many beautiful women.

Spicy, single-sided, double-sided, and the hottest is metamorphosis.

Perverted spicy is probably a spicy realm. Many hot-sexing beauties say, “Sichuan girls have mostly good skin, and it can be seen that pepper is good for the skin.

“But the beauty department experts of the Air Force General Hospital pointed out that if you are spicy and addictive, you may already be sensitive and dry.


Eating spicy food causes more sensitive skin In China, 36% of people think they are sensitive skin, but do you know which province has the highest proportion of people with sensitive skin?

According to an expert from the Beauty Department of the Air Force General Hospital, an expert conducted a test on sensitive skin in Sichuan and found some facts: the proportion of sensitive skin in Sichuan is higher than in other parts of China.

Experts believe that this has a lot to do with people in Sichuan who like to eat peppers, because peppers contain spicy elements, and excessive amounts will cause skin sensitivity.


Spicy eating makes the skin drier. Research from Singapore shows that in spice processing plants, 26% of workers will feel the skin feel hot and dry. This is because their ground chili or pepper will release spicy ingredients, while spicy ingredientsWill cause a reduction in the amount of skin stratum corneum.

You can also understand the control of moisture by chitin in applying slimming products containing pepper dregs. It is naturally a good thing to deal with edema of the calf, but it is definitely a bad dream for dry skin.


Spicy is the enemy of acne muscles. If your acne is spreading, experts in the Air Force General Hospital Beauty Surgery recommend that you avoid eating spicy food.

This is because in many cases, the generation of adult acne originates from damp heat in the body, while over-eating spicy food will easily aggravate the damp heat in the body, which will cause further deterioration of the acne.

Although pepper can exert a certain detoxification effect, excessive intake of pepper can cause internal secretion disorders.

  Experts point out that there are different ways to solve the above-mentioned sensitive skin and skin ulcer problems. For example, people with sensitive skin can perform meso-rejuvenation. This method can increase skin collagen and supplement a lot of skin loss due to agingNutritional ingredients to maintain youthful appearance; acne problems can be saved by laser, photon skin rejuvenation, fruit acid, photodynamic therapy and other treatments to make the skin softer.