Five questions you must ask while in love

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Five questions you must ask while in love

Five questions you must ask while in love

Question 1: Do we have a common goal in life?

  If you’ve been married for 20 or 30 years, that’s a long time.

How do you plan to spend this time?

Eating together and running?

You must share deeper and more meaningful things with him or her, and you must have common goals in life.

  Two things happen in a marriage: you can grow up together, or you can grow up individually.

Fifty percent of people grow up individually. To be able to marry successfully, you must know what you want on the bottom line of life, and then marry (or marry) a person like you.

  Question 2: Is it safe to share feelings and thoughts with him or her?

  This question is related to the quality of your relationship. “Feeling safe” means that you can communicate openly and honestly with this person. Good communication is based on trust.

Be honest with yourself!

Make sure the person you are getting married is emotionally safe.

  Question 3: Is he (she) admirable and special?

  This question means: Is he or she a noble and sensitive person?

How do you test him (her)?

  Here are some suggestions: Does he or she use a general basis as a method of personal growth?

Does he or she seriously improve himself?

Someone defines “good man” as someone who constantly strives to do the right thing.

So ask your spouse: How does he or she use his or her time?

  There are basically two kinds of people in this world: one is a person dedicated to personal growth, and the other is a person seeking a comfortable life.

Those who aim at comfortable life will put personal enjoyment first.

You have to know this before you step on the red carpet with him or her.

  Question 4: How does he or she treat other people?

  The most important thing in promoting interpersonal relationships is empowerment.

The so-called giving is the ability to make everyone happy.

See if this person likes to give?

What is his fact to those who have nothing to do with it?

For example: waiters, bus drivers, etc.

How does he treat parents and siblings?

Does he know how to be grateful?

If he doesn’t appreciate the person who gave him everything, don’t expect him to thank you.

Does he gossip and speak ill of others?

A gossip person will not know how to love someone. You can be sure that if he is not good to others, he will not be good to you.

  Question 5: Do you want to change this person after marriage?

  Too many people make this mistake, hoping to “change” his spouse after marriage.

You may want someone to change after marriage . it may get worse, if you can’t fully accept what he or she is like now, you are not ready to get married.

In summary, you need to use more brains and less snacks during the love stage.

  Marry, have you polished your eyes?

  We can’t force marriage to be the purest crystallization of love, and in the face of such a big choice in life, you may regret it for the difference in your life.!!  The first wrong reason to marry-downgrade, marry for marriage.

  This is obviously the dumbest mistake.