Couple intimate yoga

1月 - 26

Couple intimate yoga

Couple intimate yoga

Always eat and go shopping, you and yours should change the trick to “play around”, right?

Double yoga is now in vogue. Many intimate physical contacts are more suitable for couples to practice together.

The couple’s set of yoga recommended by the editor today is mainly to let him complete it for you. Maybe you can’t do it when you do some moves. With him, it can be perfect for you.

  Action: A girl is lying on her stomach, her belly is on the ground, her feet are apart, and she is lifted off the floor. Most of her are straight, holding her toes with both hands.

The boy stands at the back, holding the girl’s wrist with both hands, helping the girl stretch her body.

  Action 2: The girl is lying on the floor, holding her chin with her hands backwards. The man is standing in front of the girl’s head, and she lifts her feet off the floor with both hands, and tries to raise it.Be as confident as a model.

  Action three: The girl lays flat on the floor, drags her hands behind her head, leans and bends, her feet touch the ground, the boy kneels on one foot, crosses, puts her hands on the girl, and pushes the girl’s legs slightly to the cross.
  Action four. The girl lays flat on the floor, her hands are pulled behind her head, her thighs are stretched, her legs are aligned and bent, her calf also enters the floor. The boy kneels on one leg.

  Action five: The girl lays flat on the floor, aligns it until it reaches the floor and points to the body, straightens her right leg into the floor, and straightens her left leg to the right. The boy holds the girl ‘s chest forward with one hand and the girl ‘s left with one hand.Feet keep stretching.

  Action six. The boy is lying on the floor, flexing and flexing, with his feet on the ground. The girl ‘s waist is lying on the boy ‘s alignment, his legs are kept straight, and the boy is holding the girl ‘s arm socket with both hands and stretching backwards at the same time.

  Action Seven: The girl lies on the floor with her legs straight and close to the floor. She stretches straight into both sides of the body. The boy sits on top of the girl and pulls the girl’s chest backwards with both hands.

  Action Eight girls prone on the floor, lift the top off the ground, insert the right hand into the back of the head, the left hand into the back and rear, the boy fixed the girls’ feet in the rear.