Love Wife Lecture

1月 - 28

Love Wife Lecture

Love Wife Lecture

Preface to the class: In compliance with the rising trend of domestic divorce rates, the chairman of the “China Men’s and Women’s Communication Association” specially appointed me to participate in a “love wife special training seminar”, hoping to help men, women harmony, husband and wife together; happyBachelors should also study hard, keep in mind, and be prepared.

I hope you will register enthusiastically and exchange the tuition and fees for the top 99 students.

No chance!

  Textbook for elementary class: Wife must wait for soup to serve rice beside her. She must not use food first.

  Wife makeup must be happy waiting for heartfelt praise, and must not be bored.

  The wife must help ironing to provide advice, and must not be ridiculous.

  The wife must adjust the water temperature and scratch her back while bathing. She must not be lustful.

  When his wife goes to work, she must be transported by bodyguards and guards, and she must not be at ease in society.

  His wife is in danger of struggling to sacrifice generously, and must not be greedy for life or death.

  When his wife is tired, she smiles and massages her back. She must not have chauvinistic behavior.

  Wife must be courageous in purchasing and encourage, and must not act reluctantly.

  The wife must praise the food and eat a few more bowls.

  Wife sleeps in the hot summer fan, cold winter and warm quilt. No snooze and robbing behavior is allowed.

  Homework: The above ten items are the contents of the elementary class teaching materials. After reading, you must bear the heavy responsibility of washing dishes today.

If you do not want to, you must intensive study intermediate courses.

  Preparing for the middle class of the wife training class lectures: Don’t let your wife find out that you are secretly attending the class, otherwise she thinks that your homework is false and pretending to make your couch alone even bitter.


  Intermediate class textbooks: Wife must take care of soup, medicine, sleep, and food without any indifference.

  Wife giving tears to money is grateful to save money, and there must be no way of extravagance and waste.

  Wife must send flowers and prepare a feast in person on his birthday.

  Wife must take the trouble to carry heavy loads while shopping, must not be lazy and afraid of heavy behavior.

  His wife is bored and wants to perform colorful clothing and entertainment, and must not have any indifferent behavior.

  The wife must be gentle to appease the worries, and must not cheer on the fire.

  His wife admonished to stand upright with both hands and not to be absent-minded.

  Wife should take notes while listening quietly, and must not forget to listen.

  The wife must regret and blame herself for making mistakes, and must not involve the wife.

  Wife must take care of her when she goes out, she must not be lonely.

  After-class homework: After watching, you must kiss your wife.

If it has been implemented, you can continue to study advanced course materials.

  Preparing for the expert class of the wife’s training class lecture: meditate “everything is right in my wife” 100 times.

  Expert class textbooks: The wife’s prescription requires repeatedly strengthening the exact premise, and there must be no forgetting the road of omission.

  The wife must provide a method to test herself, and she must not laugh.

  Wife playing cards to have snacks and snacks on hand, and must not act out of class.

  His wife sings like a spring breeze and can’t help but laugh.

  The wife was angry and knelt and begged for mercy, and she must not ignore her behavior.

  The wife scolded him to thank the Lord Ron, and she must not act with dazzle.

  My wife must be coquettish to care for all pets and coquettish, and must not act in empty vernacular.

  Wife stays up late to have snacks and sleeplessly, and must not act in advance.   The wife must help the study circle to draw the key points in the exam, and must not act irrespective of her behavior.

  When his wife comes home, she has to take off her shoes and socks and sit on a chair. She must not act high.

  Homework: From today onwards, you must not violate your wife’s will.

If you feel you have infinite potential in this area, please study the master-level textbooks.